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Paul Blair masque at pound.perl.org
Mon Aug 28 15:58:07 CDT 2000

Hello, Perlers!

Interesting summer, this one.  Anyone care for a meeting?  I've got two 
possibles, but we need locations.  If you know of a place where we can 
meet, please let me know.  These places must have:

- Space for 20 people
- Some kind of net access - dialup will work in a pinch.
- Quiet surroundings

Provided we can find a location in the reasonable future, look for a 
virtual.pm meeting with STL.pm and more of a group discussion/tutorial
on POE.  What's POE, you ask?  Find me a location and I'll tell you.
(That or look on CPAN.  POE is rather simple to find there.)

YAPC and TPC went well.  I'd like to have a more socially oriented meeting
in the near future (again, locations are needed, though these should have
liquids and food and the net access isn't nearly as vital.  ;) ) where
those who were able to attend can fill the rest of our group in on what 
they learned, what it was like and how much of Randal's free beer they 

Aha, one last item - If any of you are looking for employment, I have a 
few leads here and there...and a TON in Seattle.  If you're interested,
let me know and I'll pass on the details privately.  I figured this would
be better than simply copying the notes I get to the list.

Ideas!  Comments!  Suggestions?  


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