IRIX6.5, gcc-2.95.2 and Perl5.6.0

Tom Keller kellert at
Fri Aug 25 13:08:53 CDT 2000

Thanks to those of you patient enought to respond to my newbie questions about using the gnu c compiler to install the current perl on my IRIX6.5_O2. For those interested, these are the problems and their resolution:
There are a number of library files not installed on the standard system. [Thanks to Todd of this list for that info.] But they are all on the Development and Overlays CDs that come with IRIX6.5. There are some conflicts that need to be resolved when installing these. [Thanks to the SGI tech support for teaching me how to do this. It makes sense only after you've done it once or twice.]
You need to give the compiler only the -O flag when you run Configure. [Thanks to the Portland SGI team for this crucial bit of info.] All the other defaults work fine, even the default libraries. You will get warnings about two locations found for library files, but Configure recognizes the system as IRIX6.5, IP32 and makes the correct choice.

Anyway, it was a struggle for a newbie like me. But it is up and running (at least 99.98% ok). 
Tom K.

Thomas J. Keller, Ph.D.
Oregon Health Sciences University
MMI Core Facility
kellert at

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