[Omaha.pm] Keeping tens of perl installs in sync. Is autobundle the answer?

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at cox.net
Tue Aug 28 20:04:40 PDT 2007

Today I had to do a server count at the PWIW for licenses.  I have custody of 
a few dozen servers, all running some form of perl.   I'm looking for ways to 
improve configuration management,  including a perl install that uses lots 'o 
modules.   For the OS stuff I'm leaning towares Puppet (1),
I've heard tales (2), (3) about the autobundle feature in CPAN, and was 
contemplating trying it out to manage our perl installs.   What I'd like to 
do is:

(1) Use the OS install utilities to lay down a basic linux
(2) Have puppet build config files and packages as needed
(3) Have (insert cool perl tool here) install all my required packages 
automagically without playing the CPAN return key waltz. 
(4) Go home early :)



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