[JOB] Job probably available soon

Robin Berjon robin at knowscape.com
Wed Nov 3 05:21:01 CST 1999


	this is an informal job posting to announce that we will very likely be
hiring soon. The job isn't there yet but we will want to find someone as
fast as possible as soon as we move on to the next phase in our
development, so if you are interested please send me your resume as well as
any information you think is relevant. You needn't send anything formal,
I'll be reading it myself and just pinning down names that seem to fit.

We will need someone with the following skills:

- very good at mod_perl, Perl and Apache
- enough knowledge of Linux admin to have a dedicated server run smoothly
(extensive knowledge of Unix admin -- especially mail -- a strong plus)
- database knowledge, especially MySQL (other dbs a plus)
- practice of HTML, XML, CSS and XSL are not required, but would definitely
- knowledge of Java an optional plus
- practice of French not necessary, but it could be fun (half of the people
here are French)

Any other things you know/do/like -- even apparently totally unrelated --
are welcome, we are looking for interesting people. Being able to work
alone as well as in a team will most likely to be necessary at the
beginning as we plan to add developers progressively rather than jump
starting with a team of people that don't know one another.

The position is in New York. The company is a startup called CinemaCapital
and is developping a website called FilmCentric. You won't have anything
like a manager to justify your ideas/choices to in a strange language, if
you can justify them in Perl then all is good :-)

Also, if you know of a good graphics designer (with a specialisation in web
graphics) or of an HTML designer that doesn't use visual tools and would be
able to work in XHTML easily, please ask them to contact me as we may be
interested in hiring such persons too.

Lastly, if you fit any of the above descriptions but do not wish to take a
full-time job with us, Knowscape Ltd. is also often in need of contractors
in all the above domains.

Thank you in advance for your answers,

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