JOB: Perl/CGI Programmer

Jesse Erlbaum jesse at
Mon Nov 1 16:13:11 CST 1999

Vanguard Media is looking for skilled, detail-oriented Perl/CGI programmers to
work on Web-Application development projects!

Skills Required:
* Perl 5
* Apache
* mod_perl
* Object-Oriented Programming methodologies
* OOP in Perl 5
* Pointers in Perl 5

All work is to be done on-site in our New York City offices (sorry -- no

Work will be contract-based (freelance), and you will be paid on an hourly
basis.  Contracts range in length from three weeks to six months.

For over ten years, Vanguard Media has been in the business of building custom
software solutions.  A large part of our work involves creating sophisticated
UNIX-based web applications which integrate with relational databases.  Our
work environment is casual, but our project requirements are not!  Our focus
is on building the highest quality software, through proper design, modularity
and reusable components.  If you enjoy working in a creative environment
supported by enlightened and experienced management, this is the place for

If this position sounds interesting to you, please email your resume and
desired hourly rate to "JOBS at VM.COM", subject "Perl/CGI Programmer."  Please
be prepared to show code samples!




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