[Nottingham-pm] Monitoring website uptimes

Duncan Fyfe duncanfyfe at domenlas.com
Wed Jul 30 08:56:28 PDT 2014

On 30/07/14 15:11, Duncan Fyfe wrote:
> On 30/07/14 00:30, Duncan Fyfe wrote:
>> Back to your test script.  How frequent are the failures or put another
>> way, how many times would you expect to have to run it before you saw
>> a failure ?
> Ok. I've modified the script (git patch attached, do as you will with it):
> 	a) for fun;
> 	b) to get it running on my server (so I don't have to install
> Config::YAML);
> 	c) to dump more HTTP information in the event of a failure;
> 	d) to add https://www.google.com as a "really ought to be working" control.
> Having run every 2 minutes since last night (> 360 tries) and I've not
> seen any failures.  I'll get is up and running on another server
> (different physical locations and network paths) and see what happens
> there.

Couple more patches as promised.  The first just removes an unnecessary
dependency.  The second adds new tables (results_2 and dumps_2) which
have an added hostid column so we can merge results.  It also
adds a quick bash script, with the necessary SQL, to copy data from
the results to results_2 table.

Have fun,

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