[niederrhein.pm] Perl with booth ("assembly") at 35C3 (35th CCC) in Leipzig, 27-30 december 2018

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Mo Dez 10 03:49:44 PST 2018

At 09:11 AM 12/10/2018, Jens Rehsack wrote:
Perl will be represented at 35C3 (the 35th CCC, 
) in Leipzig from 27-30 December 2018, because 
Daniel Boehmer sent in a proposal for a Perl Assembly, and it got accepted.
>>Daniel tells me it is a bit late to get tickets 
>>(I would need somebody who still has vouchers, 
>>and book a hotel, and it all would be 
>>difficult).  So, we are discussing that I send 
>>him a box with swag (stickers, buttons, 
>>brochures, etc).  Or give the box to somebody who is going to CCC in Leipzig.
>>So: anybody near me going?  Dutch / German / Belgian people?

>We're close to a week after - in Köthen, so we 
>probably could bring sth. back.

Haha, nice one.
But, not needed.  There's at least two people I 
know going there, and one of them also will come to FOSDEM.
I still have nobody who will go to Leipzig to 
35C3, so at the moment, it will still be "postal services".

Greetz, Wendy 
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