[Mpls-pm] Meeting room?

Ian Malpass ian at indecorous.com
Thu Jul 24 20:52:41 PDT 2008

Ehren Seim left Tech Pro a while back, and the guy he told me to contact 
about future bookings there has never replied to my mails, which means 
we're a bit stuck for somewhere to have technical meetings.

Can anyone suggest a venue for future meetings? Requirements are:

    1. Capacity for about 20 or so[0].
    2. Digital projector[1].
    3. Relatively central[2].
    4. Free (or very, very cheap).


    1. Wifi access (or ethernet access, at least for the presenter).
    2. Probably some other stuff.



[0] I always forget to take a head count at meetings....

[1] Or someone who can bring one to the meeting, but I seem to recall 
no-one had one when I last asked.

[2] Personally I'd prefer northern suburbs, but that's because I'm lazy 
and hate driving.

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