[Mpls-pm] An introduction

Nick Melnick nick-list at dytara.com
Tue Jul 8 15:53:07 PDT 2008

Hi, everyone,

Sorry to barge in, but I wanted to introduce myself. My 
name is Nick Melnick, and I'm moving back to Minneapolis 
from Seattle in August. I grew up in the area, but went 
out to the Pacific Northwest in 2000, and it's time to 
come home.

I've seen a lot of great presentations and information 
come out of Minneapolis.pm, and quite a bit of it has been 
used, with credit, in our SPUG meetings. I look forward to 
stopping in to a social or technical meeting soon after I 
arrive to meet who might be left in the .pm. :)

I've been a perl guy for a little over ten years, but I'm 
not sure I was any good for the first half of it. I'm 
currently working as a contractor for a company in 
Washington doing web applications for a few clients. I do 
a lot of screwing around with Catalyst and Moose both 
professionally and for fun, and still champion the 
language even though I tend to work around a lot of PHP 
guys. Poor saps. :)

Anyway, hello. Hope to meet you all some time.

  - Nick

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