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Stephen R. Wilcoxon wilcoxon at bridge.com
Tue Nov 12 15:52:41 CST 2002

On Tue 2002/10/29 22:51:41 CST, Dave Rolsky <autarch at urth.org> writes:
> If there's any takers for #1, here's a reasonably complete list of
> "interesting" Perl date/time modules along with my comments about them:
> - Time::Piece (and Time::Seconds) - nice interface, nice simply date math,
> but only handles epoch times, which is a drag.  See also my
> Time::Piece::MySQL module, which adds some mysql-specific bits.  Similar
> modules for other DBs/external resources can be added just as easily.

Never used this one.

> - Class::Date & Date::Handler - kind of like Time::Piece on steroids, but
> I don't see why they can't all be integrated.

Never used these either.

> - Date::Manip - ridiculously large amount of code.  crapulous interface.
> freaking brilliant parsing code that handles things like "2nd day after
> next Tuesday" or "the first day of the last week of the next month".  Also
> has some internationalization bits for parsing, which is doubly slick.  If
> this thing could return a Time::Piece object (and T::P handled times
> outside of the epoch), I'd be in heaven.

IME, it's by far the most complete and most versatile Date module.  
Unfortunately, it has one drawback - it's SLOW.

> - Date::Calc - lots of nice date math functions.  Stupid interface
> (Function_Names_Like_This).  Written in C so presumably its fast.

Interface is easy to get used to.  I wrote an extension to Date::Calc for 
handling holiday data obtained from a database (instead of files), plus 
handling other things we needed.  I evaluated Date::Calc, Date::Manip, and 
at least one other (can't remember) and went with Date::Calc because we 
needed the speed (it's MUCH faster than Date::Manip).

> -- Date::Calc::Object - OO interface over Date::Calc.  Interesting.  Also
> has Date delta objects.  Cool!  Works with Date::Calc functions, which
> have stupid names, but making a wrapper for that wouldn't be too hard.

Looked at it some.  I haven't used it as it didn't fit anything I needed 
any better than Date::Calc.

> -- Date::Calendar - seems quite useful

Yep.  Date::Calendar::Profiles is very nice as well (but missing alot of 
data).  By the way, does anybody know of a programmatic way of calculating 
the equinoxes and/or chinese new year?

> - Date::Parse - lightweight so it's a good choice if you know that you'll
> never exceed its limitations.  But those limitations are pretty big cause
> it doesn't do much.

Haven't used.

> - Date::Format - basically strftime in Perl.  Time::Piece provides the
> same thing.

Nice for what it does.


Haven't used any of the other specific ones Dave listed.

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