[Moscow.pm] Переводы (локализация) в XLIFF

Steffen Winkler steffen на steffen-winkler.de
Чт Авг 27 00:01:46 PDT 2015

Please excuse me. Tried to write in you preferred language. :-(

The last thing I wrote was, that I would say thank your for picking out 
all this internationalization module I never found in CPAN.
Reading your list is very interesting so I do.

I thought that the idea of (singular|plural) is an Locale::Maketext 
idea. Now I see that it is widely used in other tools/programming 
languages. The plural bug of that is, that you can not say: This is 1 
ball. This are 2 balls.
The reason is, the plural is changing your complete sentence, sometimes 
starting in English, but often in destination language.

The other thing I wrote was:
I worked in a big project using that abbreviations/keys. This keys going 
longer and longer. No one was able to read the code and knows what's 
going on there. You have to run that code.

In my current project we have full English phrases in code - Gettext 
with context and plural forms in po/mo files. The code tells you exactly 
what it will output in English language. That is the programmer part.
We test 98 % with "programmer English", means without calling the 
translation part.
The translation part is completely free of any programmer 
ideas/optimizations like abbreviations/keys and or constructs like 
(singular|plural). There are named placeholders. That is all.
It is fully automatic translatable.
Our experience is: Never split sentences, then translate the parts and 
join them together at the end.

--Steffen Winkler

Am 27.08.2015 um 08:27 schrieb Alexander Lourier:
> Hi Steffen, could you please write in English. Otherwise your mails 
> are almost unreadable.

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