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Yusuke Kawasaki's Blog is pretty;))

in came from Riga in Sunday
it is very interesting to meet japan hacker..

07.08.2011, 15:24, "Yusuke Kawasaki" <u-suke на kawa.net>:
> Здравствуйте, Moscow Perl Mongers!
> I, Yusuke Kawasaki, am really looking forward to fly to Riga next week.
> This is third time for me to attend the great Perl conference in Europe.
> After the conference, I'll drop in Moscow before back to Tokyo.
> It'll be a great chance for us to meet the Perl hackers who live in Moscow.
> Why you all don't have a beer and a chat with us. Anybody?
> I'll stay at Катерина-Сити hotel in Moscow City from Friday to Monday.
> http://maps.google.co.jp/?cid=1762479008211365867
> I guess Friday night or Sunday night are pretty fine for me.
> Please let me know a good time and place to have beer (or водка).
> I'm a member of Shibuya.pm, Tokyo-based Perl mongers group,
> and loving to visit other local Perl mongers on the globe:
> ex. London.pm, Vienna.pm, Rio.pm, Sao-Paulo.pm etc.
> http://kawa.at.webry.info/201007/article_1.html
> Moscow.pm must be the next. This is why I get a Russian visa.
> -----
> I'm a CPAN author of XML::TreePP, XML::FeedPP and some other modules.
> http://search.cpan.org/~kawasaki/XML-TreePP/
> My languages are Japanese, Perl, JavaScript, ActionScript.
> Most recently, I've just released "Russian Alphabet" application for
> iPhone and Android. The app was built with ActionScript and Adobe AIR.
> http://kuru2.st/llp/iphone/russian.html
> I hope this app will help me when I'm staying in Russia.
> In fact, I could not read any Cyrillic characters without the app.
> Anyway, we Perl hackers have the quite common language of Perl as you know.
> ----
> Andrew,
> Thank you so much to introducing me.
> Николай, Иван and others,
> Feel free to come with your wife if she can.
> ----
> товарищ
> Yusuke Kawasaki
> http://www.kawa.net/xp/index-e.html
> 2011/6/20 Andrew Shitov <andy на shitov.ru>:
>>  В августе Yusuke Kawasaki рассказывает на YAPC::Europe, что делали
>>  японские программисты после землетрясения
>>  (http://yapceurope.lv/ye2011/talk/3471), и летит в Ригу из Токио через
>>  Москву.
>>  Он предлагает на обратном пути встретиться с Moscow.pm. Либо в пятницу
>>  в 19:00, либо в воскресенье в 21:00. Кто за?
>>  P. S. Наш тредик про сумму элементов массива по-японски:
>>  http://kawa.at.webry.info/201106/article_1.html.
>>  --
>>  Andrew Shitov
>>  ______________________________________________________________________
>>  andy на shitov.ru | http://shitov.ru
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