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Вс Авг 7 04:24:47 PDT 2011

Здравствуйте, Moscow Perl Mongers!

I, Yusuke Kawasaki, am really looking forward to fly to Riga next week.
This is third time for me to attend the great Perl conference in Europe.
After the conference, I'll drop in Moscow before back to Tokyo.
It'll be a great chance for us to meet the Perl hackers who live in Moscow.
Why you all don't have a beer and a chat with us. Anybody?

I'll stay at Катерина-Сити hotel in Moscow City from Friday to Monday.
I guess Friday night or Sunday night are pretty fine for me.
Please let me know a good time and place to have beer (or водка).

I'm a member of Shibuya.pm, Tokyo-based Perl mongers group,
and loving to visit other local Perl mongers on the globe:
ex. London.pm, Vienna.pm, Rio.pm, Sao-Paulo.pm etc.
Moscow.pm must be the next. This is why I get a Russian visa.


I'm a CPAN author of XML::TreePP, XML::FeedPP and some other modules.

My languages are Japanese, Perl, JavaScript, ActionScript.
Most recently, I've just released "Russian Alphabet" application for
iPhone and Android. The app was built with ActionScript and Adobe AIR.
I hope this app will help me when I'm staying in Russia.

In fact, I could not read any Cyrillic characters without the app.
Anyway, we Perl hackers have the quite common language of Perl as you know.


Thank you so much to introducing me.

Николай, Иван and others,
Feel free to come with your wife if she can.

Yusuke Kawasaki

2011/6/20 Andrew Shitov <andy at shitov.ru>:
> В августе Yusuke Kawasaki рассказывает на YAPC::Europe, что делали
> японские программисты после землетрясения
> (http://yapceurope.lv/ye2011/talk/3471), и летит в Ригу из Токио через
> Москву.
> Он предлагает на обратном пути встретиться с Moscow.pm. Либо в пятницу
> в 19:00, либо в воскресенье в 21:00. Кто за?
> P. S. Наш тредик про сумму элементов массива по-японски:
> http://kawa.at.webry.info/201106/article_1.html.
> --
> Andrew Shitov
> ______________________________________________________________________
> andy at shitov.ru | http://shitov.ru

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