[Moscow.pm] YAPC::Russia 2010: тема для доклада

Andrew Shitov andy на shitov.ru
Вт Июн 8 10:42:57 PDT 2010

> Мне кажется, что ракудовский хакмит будет очень интересный, если он
> будет. Я даже не знаю в курсе ли Джонатан.

В курсе:

>> Thus, there will be two days on land (12 and 13 June) and the one on
>> water (14). If you would like to hack on Rakudo, let us know so that
>> people who would like to join will be informed. Very likely there will
>> be a few small groups hacking on different topics in the same room.

> Yes, I'm sure I'll use the day to do Rakudo hacking, and I'm happy to show
> people the guts, or help them build Rakudo, or whatever.

Andrew Shitov
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