[Moscow.pm] модуль на CPAN

Alexander Lourier aml на rulezz.ru
Пн Дек 29 01:11:45 PST 2008

On Monday 29 December 2008 11:51:15 Dmitry Karasik wrote:
> 	Hi Alexander!
> On 29 дек 08 at 09:27, "Alexander" (Alexander Lourier) wrote:
>  >> заявлять имя вобщем-то необязательно.
>  Alexander> Ну без этого он в индексе не появляется, в search.cpan.org не
> ищется
> Я не знаю что это за индекс, но то что в search.cpan.org не ищется это
> неправда. И ищется, и устанавливается.

Цитирую https://pause.perl.org/pause/query?ACTION=pause_04about#namespace

The indexes that are maintained automatically on CPAN all double check if the 
module names that are used in the uploaded packages are registered. The 
indexer unwraps all packages and scans the source code (namely all *.pm 
files) for package declarations. You run the risk of being ignored by the 
index generator if you do not talk to the PAUSE maintainers about the 
namespace you are using.

A frequent cause for confusion is the relation between CPAN itself and 
search.cpan.org. The PAUSE/CPAN indexer produces the files


These are the ones CPAN{,PLUS}.pm are using to make their download decisions.

search.cpan.org has its own indexer which has to satisfy other demands. It is 
based on the PAUSE/CPAN indexes but it is being changed more often because of 
the specific needs search.cpan.org has.

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