[MK] Fwd: Reviving the hackspace.

Malcolm Sparks malcolm at congreve.com
Thu Mar 12 06:16:31 PDT 2015

I'm really keen on this idea. I'll be able to come on the 19th but will not
be able to get there until 9ish due to a prior engagement in London.

On 11 March 2015 at 22:30, Andy Selby <andyfrommk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Forwarding to the LUG/Perlies because London Hackspace has its own LUG and
> has hosted several Perl workshops (one coming up on the 21st in fact!).
> The venue is 'MK Social' on the 19th of March.
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/milton-keynes-makerspace/TpECsHW2IS0
> On Sunday, 1 March 2015 19:20:59 UTC, Paul Hegarty wrote:
>> Hi All
>> While this list seems fairly dead, I am hoping there are still some
>> people on it interested in starting a hackspace. I am hoping to pick up
>> where Jim left off and get a proper space going in the Milton Keynes area.
>> A bit more about me, I an a Freelance Broadcast Cameraman/Engineer living
>> a little north of Milton Keynes. I have been involved at the founding of 2
>> hackspaces so far, Reading, and 'Surrey and Hampshire', so I have a bit of
>> an idea for what I am getting into. I am an all round technology geek, but
>> have a particular interest in CNC, electronics and computer/RL interaction.
>> I definitely think we can hackspace going around here, and even think it
>> will be easier than with the previous 2. Even so, a hackspace will not come
>> to much without enthusiastic members. To that end, I am organising a
>> meeting/get together for anyone who is interested in a Milton Keynes
>> Hackspace. I am proposing meeting in about a fortnight or so at a local
>> pub. I am planning on finding a decent venue for it next week, but before
>> that I wanted to get an idea of how many people are interested beforehand.
>> Worst case, it will be a good opportunity to meet a bunch of like minded
>> hackers, makers, engineers and artists and have a drink and a chat. But all
>> goes well, we will also be able to get an idea of the sort of hackspace
>> people would like, and take the first steps in setting up a physical space.
>> I also have a few tentative ideas and proposals along those lines already
>> (Thanks Jim for the previous legwork!).
>> Right now though, I am mainly after an idea of how many people will want
>> to come along, along with what day most suites people. Post below if you
>> are interested. (I will post details on the booking when I have it sorted).
>> I am currently aiming to book somewhere for the evening of Tuesday 18th
>> March (suggestions for venues welcome!)
>> Happy hacking
>> Paul
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