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Wed Mar 11 15:30:21 PDT 2015

Forwarding to the LUG/Perlies because London Hackspace has its own LUG and 
has hosted several Perl workshops (one coming up on the 21st in fact!).
The venue is 'MK Social' on the 19th of March.

On Sunday, 1 March 2015 19:20:59 UTC, Paul Hegarty wrote:
> Hi All
> While this list seems fairly dead, I am hoping there are still some people 
> on it interested in starting a hackspace. I am hoping to pick up where Jim 
> left off and get a proper space going in the Milton Keynes area. 
> A bit more about me, I an a Freelance Broadcast Cameraman/Engineer living 
> a little north of Milton Keynes. I have been involved at the founding of 2 
> hackspaces so far, Reading, and 'Surrey and Hampshire', so I have a bit of 
> an idea for what I am getting into. I am an all round technology geek, but 
> have a particular interest in CNC, electronics and computer/RL interaction.
> I definitely think we can hackspace going around here, and even think it 
> will be easier than with the previous 2. Even so, a hackspace will not come 
> to much without enthusiastic members. To that end, I am organising a 
> meeting/get together for anyone who is interested in a Milton Keynes 
> Hackspace. I am proposing meeting in about a fortnight or so at a local 
> pub. I am planning on finding a decent venue for it next week, but before 
> that I wanted to get an idea of how many people are interested beforehand.
> Worst case, it will be a good opportunity to meet a bunch of like minded 
> hackers, makers, engineers and artists and have a drink and a chat. But all 
> goes well, we will also be able to get an idea of the sort of hackspace 
> people would like, and take the first steps in setting up a physical space. 
> I also have a few tentative ideas and proposals along those lines already 
> (Thanks Jim for the previous legwork!). 
> Right now though, I am mainly after an idea of how many people will want 
> to come along, along with what day most suites people. Post below if you 
> are interested. (I will post details on the booking when I have it sorted). 
> I am currently aiming to book somewhere for the evening of Tuesday 18th 
> March (suggestions for venues welcome!)
> Happy hacking
> Paul
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