Book: Thoughts on The Definitive Guide to Catalyst

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Sep 3 12:32:21 PDT 2009

I've been nosing through the book "The Definitive Guide to Catalyst"
lately and I quite like it.

But I'm not mailing the list to tell you all that I like it, I'm
mailing you because I think you might want to read it even if you
don't use Catalyst or write Web applications.

While the book doesn't teach Perl as a language, it explains how to
install Perl, how to use CPAN effectively, how to build your own Perl
and use minicpan.

Those of you who failed to fall asleep during the technical talks I've
presented this year will notice some overlap between "what Tom thinks
too few people know about" and "what this book covers".

Perl has always provided a great way to glue things together, and the
book talks about several Web servers and database servers that you
might want to use in a practical, up-to-date way.

The book also describes useful modules such as Moose, DBIx::Class and
Template::Toolkit that Catalyst developers often use, but that you can
use in their own right.

The book focuses on using Catalyst to make Web sites, but really you
can use it as a general tool for building applications with.  Although
the book doesn't discuss this approach, it gives you enough
information to do so.

I've not read the book properly yet, but I thought I'd share my
thoughts so far as I suspect some of you might find it useful.


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