Technical Meeting Tomorrow, 2nd April

Rod Norfor r.t.c.norfor at
Tue Apr 3 01:37:42 PDT 2007

Thanks to everyone who delivered the interesting talks yesterday.

the testing 'framework' I couldn't remember was Test::LectroTest
( as mentioned in #61 Test with Specifications in Perl Hacks).

Thanks again.



On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Tom Hukins wrote:

> So, there's a technical meeting tomorrow at the OU.  You probably want
> to know what the talks will cover and how to get there.  And I've told
> you neither so far, errr, to keep you in suspense.  It's not that I'm
> disorganised or anything.
> So we have the following:
> * Desperately Seeking a Lightweight Perl web Framework (Peter Edwards)
> * Testing When You Don't Have Time (Tom Hukins)
> ...and whatever Barbie chooses to present.
> This time we're meeting in the Systems Seminar Room at the Open
> University.  Ian has done a much more organised job of arranging things
> than I have and has booked a room and a projector and provided
> directions:
>   See links to campus, local and regional maps at the bottom of this web
>   page:
>   Enter The OU campus (signposted Open University, not Open University
>   East), via Brickhill Street (V10).
>   Take the middle lane past Security (on the left), through the
>   barriers, and then turn right on to Ring road East.
>   Ahead you will see the road narrows to single lane on your side of the
>   road, where there are no entry signs.  Just prior to this is the
>   entrance to a car park on the left (marked East parking extension on
>   the campus map).  Take this left turn and head to the top right (North
>   West on the campus map) of the car park.
>   The meeting is in Venables Building, specifically the section marked
>   South East on the campus map.
>   Take the path (marked in yellow on the campus map) East from the car
>   park toward the centre of campus.
>   Take a right under an archway in to the courtyard area bound by
>   Venables South, East, and South East, keeping right (heading North
>   East on the campus map), behind the building section marked South
>   East.
>   You will find a double door on your right, which is the entrance to
>   the South East section of Venables Building.
>   I'll see you there, as these are usually access controlled doors, so
>   you will probably need to be let in.
> We'll start the talks at 8pm but please aim to arrive between 7.30 and
> 7.45, particularly if you're not familiar with the OU.
> See you tomorrow,
> Tom
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