[Melbourne-pm] Perl assignment in eastern suburbs

Peter Giorgilli Peter.Giorgilli at hsd.com.au
Mon Aug 24 20:18:26 PDT 2015

Preface: I've been a long-time lurker on this list on a personal basis, but now have a work-related opportunity that I'm hoping will be of interest to someone out there.

HSD has a prospective customer that is seeking assistance with a number of aspects of their IT operations.  Central to their operations is a custom Perl (CGI) script that is effectively the heart and soul of their business.  To cut a long story short: the customer is wanting to make a number of enhancements and bug fixes to the script.

At the same time, the customer needs help modernising/rationalising other aspects of their operations such as their mail hosting, internet connectivity, web hosting, etc., and is also keen to develop a mobile app interface to the system.  As far as the mobile app goes, a mobile-friendly HTML5 app is an option but this would need further analysis.

This assignment would suit someone with web development, Linux/UNIX sysadmin and (of course) Perl chops.

HSD is acting informally as a go-between to assist the customer with procuring these services and to this end will be vetting applicants.

Location: Ringwood
There would be a requirement to work on-site for part of the assignment, especially initially during the requirements gathering phase, but otherwise telecommuting is fine.

A flexible engagement model is offered, e.g., casual/part time or contracted hourly rate, with the model to be agreed upon as part of initial discussions.

- LAMP stack hosted on OS X (Server)

There's scope to migrate services to Linux, either hosted on-site or in the cloud, as part of this assignment.

Please contact me via reply email for further information.


Peter Giorgilli
Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd

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