[Melbourne-pm] accessing MS Sequel database from Linux with perl?

Andrew Dent andrew_dent at dentaur.com
Sat Aug 22 02:10:45 PDT 2015

For working with MS Access databases on a Windows host from Linux (on the
same LAN), I have used the SOAP::Transport::TCP module on the Windows side
to create a SOAP server, then run this from a scheduled task. The Perl
scripts on the Windows side used DBI ODBC. I used SOAP::Lite on the Linux
If I needed to access SQL Server I would probably do the same.   

Is there a downside to using SOAP instead of a ODBC gateway?

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Folks - what's the current best method to get DBI on a Linux host working
with MS Sequel on a remote Windows box? I've seen a few different approaches
mooted, such as using DBD::Sybase and DBD::ODBC with a commercial ODBC
gateway and was wondering whether there was a consensus on the best way to
do this ...


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