[Melbourne-pm] An urgent request for references (tender)

Jacinta jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Aug 8 22:11:13 PDT 2012

G'day folk,

I've got a tender due by 5pm and amongst other things it wants a bunch 
of references to say how awesome Perl Training Australia is at teaching 
people.  It's way over the top and much too much paperwork, but it's 
probably a good thing for me to get done.

If we have trained you, or even better, you've arranged us to train your 
team, and you're willing to stand as a reference for how awesome a job 
we did, I'd really appreciate a private email saying I can use you as a 
reference.  I don't need testimonials, just


I'm sorry about the broadcast, I'm just short of time to actually, 
politely solicit these references properly.

If you're reading this after 5pm, Thursday 9th August, then feel free to 
email me to say how awesome I am, but hopefully I got enough references 
some other way by then.


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