[Melbourne-pm] Mojolicious deployment

Myf White myfwhite at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 02:15:50 PDT 2011

Hi guys & girls,

I am having some major problems getting my head around some stuff to do with
deploying a Mojolicious app. It's not all Mojolicious related (some of it is
basic networking / apache / permissions etc) and I'm really struggling to
work it out, partly because my confusion is so great that I can't even
express my questions properly.

I was hoping that one of you had enough knowledge of Apache & Plack to maybe
chat to me for about 20 mins to talk through it and give me some guidance.
If so, that would be awesome and I would totally owe you a pint of your
choice of beverage at the next pm meeting!

Myf White

*Phone: *0413 757 052*
Email:* myfwhite at gmail.com
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