[Melbourne-pm] April 14 Perl Mongers Meeting!

Patrick Donelan pat at patspam.com
Tue Apr 13 09:26:50 PDT 2010

Although I did just notice this in the release

Perl now warns the user about the use of deprecated features by default

So I guess we do get more warnings in 5.12.0 too.


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 10:31 AM, Patrick Donelan <pat at patspam.com> wrote:

> It's just a small change, but the one I'm looking forward to the most
>> is finally getting rid of 'use strict' and 'use warnings' on 5.12.
> Only strictures, not warnings I think?
> Adam would have a hernia <http://use.perl.org/~Alias/journal/40302> if
> they enabled warnings by default..
> Patrick
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