[Melbourne-pm] Can Dependant modules be configured by Perl Version

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Sep 29 20:04:07 PDT 2009

Paul Fenwick <pjf at perltraining.com.au> writes:
> Andrew Dent wrote:
>> But when installing IO::Interactive on 5.8.6 (HPUX 10.20) the install
>> fails with
>> #      Error: Can't locate version.pm in @INC
>> Is this a bug in IO::Interactive (that version.pm isn't considered a
>> dependancy) or a "feature" in Perl that a module's declared dependancies
>> cannot be Perl version specific?
> Sounds like a bug to me.  The module isn't correctly specifying all its
> dependencies.

...because the version.pm dependency would be satisfied on 5.10 through the
core module, right?

> For what it's worth, it's quite possible to have platform and version based
> dependencies, although expressing that in the meta-info (eg, META.yml)
> isn't.

I understood that the META.yml file included a flag that indicated "static"
dependency information, and unless that was set you were obliged to execute
the Makefile.PL to ensure they were up to date...

> As an example, IPC::System::Simple has extra dependencies when running under
> Windows.

...which allowed things like this to be expressed sensibly.


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