[Melbourne-pm] Can Dependant modules be configured by Perl Version

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Sep 29 19:46:39 PDT 2009

G'day Andrew,

Andrew Dent wrote:

> But when installing IO::Interactive on 5.8.6 (HPUX 10.20) the install
> fails with
> #      Error: Can't locate version.pm in @INC
> Is this a bug in IO::Interactive (that version.pm isn't considered a
> dependancy) or a "feature" in Perl that a module's declared dependancies
> cannot be Perl version specific?

Sounds like a bug to me.  The module isn't correctly specifying all its

For what it's worth, it's quite possible to have platform and version based
dependencies, although expressing that in the meta-info (eg, META.yml)
isn't.  As an example, IPC::System::Simple has extra dependencies when
running under Windows.



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