[Melbourne-pm] CPAN Install

Gerd Berner gberner at intraspect.com.au
Thu Oct 29 21:55:44 PDT 2009

Hello all

It seems I have broken my CPAN shell and I'm struggling to find a way  
to fix it, so any help would be appreciated!

This machine is windows 2003 running ActivePerl-  This was  
installed using the MSI installer, which comes with a built in  
'Repair' function.  I assume that this function would perform a  
checksum comparison and fix any broken files? Ran it with crossed  
fingers - did not fix the problem.  I tested a couple of different  
module installs and they all fail with a similar message.

when I try to 'reload index'  I also get the same error but also  
warnings that my 02packages.details.txt.gz does not contain a Line- 
Count header or a Last-Updated header (which cant be a good thing!).   
When I looked at this archive it was unreadable, so I replaced both it  
and 03modlist.data.gz with fresh copies from CPAN, but still the same  
error results when I try to install Net::SCP.

Short of re-installing Perl, I'm not sure what else to do or why the  
CPAN shell became unstable in the first place.  I have tended to use  
both PPM and CPAN on the same Perl install, but I wouldnt have thought  
that would be the cause.

Happy to hear any ideas.



cpan> install Net::SCP
Going to read 'C:\Perl\cpan\Metadata'
Database was generated on Tue, 27 Oct 2009 10:27:08 GMT
Running install for module 'Net::SCP'
Running make for I/IV/IVAN/Net-SCP-0.08.tar.gz
Fetching with LWP:
Catching error: "'glob' trapped by operation mask at (eval 52) line  
1.\cJ at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 1391 \cJ 
::CHECKSUM_check_file('CPAN::Distribution=HASH(0x712b7dc)', 'C:\\Perl\ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 1325\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 402\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 345\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 1677\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 2876\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Distribution.pm line 3266\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Module.pm line 474\cJ\cIeval {...}
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Module.pm line 473\cJ 
\cICPAN::Module::rematein('CPAN::Module=HASH(0x6786c94)', 'install')
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Module.pm line 576\cJ 
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Shell.pm line 1755\cJ 
\cICPAN::Shell::rematein('CPAN::Shell', 'install', 'Net::SCP')
called at C:\\Perl\\lib/CPAN/Shell.pm line 1935\cJ 
\cICPAN::Shell::__ANON__('CPAN::Shell', 'Net::SCP')
called at C:/Perl/lib/CPAN.pm line 375\cJ\cIeval {...}
called at C:/Perl/lib/CPAN.pm line 372\cJ\cICPAN::shell()
called at C:\\Perl\\bin/cpan.bat line 211\cJ" at C:/Perl/lib/CPAN.pm  
line 391  CPAN::shell()
called at C:\Perl\bin/cpan.bat line 211


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