[Melbourne-pm] Next meeting tomorrow night: Wednesday 14th October

Stephen Edmonds melbourne-pm at popcorn.cx
Tue Oct 13 22:12:15 PDT 2009

I'm surprised nobody else has commented on our lack of meeting tonight 
:( but maybe people missed the melb.pm emails because they were filtered 
as spam: http://log.perl.org/2009/10/blackholes.html

A reminder that all are welcome tonight.

Now, Barcode (http://www.eatability.com.au/au/melbourne/barcode/) was 
chosen at random from a big list.  If it isn't suitable (usually a meal 
and beers) then we might go somewhere else.



Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> andrew Dent wrote:
>> I've never heard of substandards.
>> Can you give some more info as to what this group of people is about?
>> Is there a website with info?
> Sub Standards is a joke on Pub Standards (http://pubstandards.org/).
> "Pubstandards meet-ups are for social web-types. Join us for beer, 
> web-talk, and other general waffle.
> PubStandards meet-ups happen once a month at the same venue. 
> SubStandards meet-ups occur between PubStandards meet-ups and are always 
> at different venues."
> Clearly spacing and capitalisation need not be consistent.  ;)  I think 
> it was Ben Balbo who tried to start up PubStandards in Melbourne, but 
> for some reason (I think venue related) it didn't last, and so we just 
> have approximately monthly Substandards meet-ups between the last 
> PubStandard meeting and the next one.... ;)   Attendees are mostly 
> techie, open source people, and you'd probably be surprised at how many 
> you know.
> A somewhat out-of-date wiki for the Melbourne event is kept at: 
> http://pubstandards.org/asia_pacific/australia/melbourne  This is as 
> much my fault as anyone else's as I'm sure I could easily get an account 
> and updated, but I haven't. Despite what it says, I assure you that the 
> real next meeting is tomorrow night.
>     J
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