[Melbourne-pm] Next meeting tomorrow night: Wednesday 14th October

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Oct 12 16:56:13 PDT 2009

andrew Dent wrote:

> I've never heard of substandards.
> Can you give some more info as to what this group of people is about?
> Is there a website with info?

Sub Standards is a joke on Pub Standards (http://pubstandards.org/).

"Pubstandards meet-ups are for social web-types. Join us for beer, web-talk, and 
other general waffle.

PubStandards meet-ups happen once a month at the same venue. SubStandards 
meet-ups occur between PubStandards meet-ups and are always at different venues."

Clearly spacing and capitalisation need not be consistent.  ;)  I think it was 
Ben Balbo who tried to start up PubStandards in Melbourne, but for some reason 
(I think venue related) it didn't last, and so we just have approximately 
monthly Substandards meet-ups between the last PubStandard meeting and the next 
one.... ;)   Attendees are mostly techie, open source people, and you'd probably 
be surprised at how many you know.

A somewhat out-of-date wiki for the Melbourne event is kept at: 
http://pubstandards.org/asia_pacific/australia/melbourne  This is as much my 
fault as anyone else's as I'm sure I could easily get an account and updated, 
but I haven't. Despite what it says, I assure you that the real next meeting is 
tomorrow night.


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