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Alec Clews alecclews at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 00:38:08 PDT 2009

Rick Measham wrote:
> I was saying a few months back (after Alec's Git talk) that it would 
> be nice to replace CPAN with /git(hub)?/. Then I can fork someone's 
> Foo::Bar and use it, and allow it to be used, without the confusion 
> that it would cause if I put a second Foo::Bar on CPAN.

mmm... Bit of a double edged sword that.

It's very confusing trying to work out which is the correct version 
(which version has the feature I need and has been tested and is not 
broken with something else I'm not interested in). I'm currently 
experiencing this affect trying to track various versions of a Git 
support for Vim package.

On the balance I would prefer to keep CPAN, possibly with a fall-back to 
a GitHub style approach for bleeding edge.

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