[Melbourne-pm] our $AUTHORITY = 'cpan:STEVAN';

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Thu Jul 30 00:26:00 PDT 2009

Leigh Sharpe wrote:
> G'day Daniel, 
> This page:
> http://somethingdoug.com/thoughts/2008/12/31/our-authority/

Ahh, that's cool!

I was saying a few months back (after Alec's Git talk) that it would be 
nice to replace CPAN with /git(hub)?/. Then I can fork someone's 
Foo::Bar and use it, and allow it to be used, without the confusion that 
it would cause if I put a second Foo::Bar on CPAN.

possibly something like:
    use Foo::Bar:auth<github:RICKM> 9813
(where 9813 is the revision number used as a $VERSION)

I've not been a part of any of this discussion and had no idea about 
this auth stuff or any of it so may be totally off base. Forgive me :-D

Rick Measham
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