[Melbourne-pm] TK repeats, scoping and keeping track of objects

Leigh Sharpe lsharpe at pacificwireless.com.au
Mon Jan 12 16:17:52 PST 2009

Hi All,
 I'm working on a TK app, and I'm struggling with a few things.
I have a function which looks a bit like this:
sub new_object
 my $object=My::Class->new();           # Create a new object to monitor
 my $tl=$mw->Toplevel;                      # Create a top-level window.
 $tl->title($object->{'name'});                # Set the title of the
new window.
 $tl->Label(-text=>"Name:")->grid(-row=>0, -column=>0); # Add Labels to
 $tl->Label(-text=>"IP Address")->grid(-row=>1, -column=>0);
 $tl->Label(-textvariable=>\$object->{'ip'})->grid(-row=>1, -column=>1);
 $tl->Label(-text=>"Uptime:")->grid(-row=>2, -column=>0);
-command=>sub{$tl->destroy()})->grid(-row=>20, -column=>0); # Create an
exit button.
 $tl->repeat(5000, sub{$object->update_status()}); # Update the status
every 5 seconds.
Now this works as it is, but I just know it won't scale well. I would
rather have a single class method I could call which would run
update_status() on all objects of it's class, and call it from the main
window ($mw in this case). So my first question is, how can a class
access all instances of itself? I considered creating an array in which
I could store a reference to all objects, but that just seems wrong,
'cause it will prevent objects from going out of scope when all other
references to them are deleted.
The second question is in relation to keeping $object in scope. If I
remove the last line of the above function, $object goes out of scope as
soon as the function completes. Having a label with
-textvariable=>\$object{'anything'} isn't sufficient to keep $object in
So, if I was to create a class method as required, there would be no
objects to call update_status() on.
However, with the function as it is above, even destroying $tl (when the
user clicks on the 'Exit' button) doesn't call DESTROY on $object. There
must be some reference to the object somewhere, created by
$tl->repeat(), which isn't going out of scope when $tl is destroy()ed.
Anybody care to shed some light on this?
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