[Melbourne-pm] Perl meeting next week in Hobart (at LCA)?

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jan 12 04:02:47 PST 2009

G'day folk,

I'm posting this to the Melbourne and Sydney Perl Monger groups because 
I know that there are a lot of non Melbourne and Sydney folk from around 
Australia who hang out on these two lists for the company.  Tonight I'm 
particularly looking for Perl programmers who reside in Hobart.

Next week linux.conf.au (LCA) is running in Hobart.  I'm not sure how 
big the Perl scene is in Hobart, but I'm hoping it's big enough to 
support a Perl Mongers group.  As a result, I'd like to take advantage 
of LCA's drawing power, and arrange a Perl BOF for all the locals (and 
visitors) and perhaps kick-start Hobart Perl Mongers.

My plan is to run it in the evening of Monday 19th January (this means 
it doesn't clash with any other of the social events).  If you'll be in 
Hobart (and especially if you're local) I'd love to hear from you.  I 
was thinking that - depending on numbers - it might be good to run a
semi-formal session with 10 or so lightning talks followed by a social
dinner or drink.

Please let me know which (if any) of the following categories you fit into:

a) You're local
b) You'd be interested in participating in Hobart Perl Mongers if it
started up
c) You'd be interested in managing Hobart Perl Mongers if it started up[1]
d) You'd like to give a lightning talk
e) You'd be interested in just turning up

Also, please let me know your availability at the following times (with
the understanding that no time I pick will be perfect, so flexibility on
your behalf will be awesome):

	Monday evening   (19th Jan)
	Tuesday evening  (may clash with Speakers dinner)
	Wednesday lunch time
	Thursday lunch time
	Thursday evening (may clash with the PDNS)
	Friday lunch time

I am particularly partial to having it on the Monday evening.

Many thanks, and I'd love to get this going.


[1].  Duties of a Perl Mongers Group Leader are to:
a) Register group with groups.pm.org and fill out the occasional (every
2-3 years) census
b) Create and maintain the website
c) Expunge moderated (usually spam) mail from the mailing list at least

It would be nice if you organised the occasional (yearly or so) meeting,
but it's not actually required.

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