[Melbourne-pm] Upcoming meeting dates and talks! (Next meeting: 14th Jan)

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jan 5 19:40:54 PST 2009

G'day MPM / Alec / Tony,

Alec Clews wrote:

> Given Perl's migration to git it may be opportune to have some git
> presentations?
> I'd be happy to demo github.com (simple 20 mins)

Tony Smith wrote:

> As mentioned in December, I'm keen to present the Perl scripting 
> capability built into the cellular automata platform Golly 2.0 (which I 
> was able to announce the release of in a lightning talk at OSDC). Can be 
> as long or short as needed with a few days notice for final preparation.

Brilliant!  Tentatively the schedule looks like:

* January:  Awesome things you've missed in Perl (PJF)
* February: The Art of Klingon Programming (PJF)
* March:    An introduction to git and github.com (Alec)
* April:    Perl scripting in Golly 2.0 (Tony)

I've also got a 25 minute presentation from Jacinta (with video
demonstrations) on a comparison of MVC frameworks (Catalyst, Jifty, Gantry
and Maypole) that we can slot into May, or combine with a shorter talk.

I've been updating http://perl.net.au/wiki/MPM with the new info, and have
just added these details to the 2009 meetings page.

Redesign and editing of the MPM page on perl.net.au is very welcome and
appreciated, and *anyone* can edit.

Many thanks, and all the best,


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