[Melbourne-pm] (paid) Assistance required for Google calendar hack

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Thu Aug 13 18:20:39 PDT 2009

Nathan Bailey wrote:
> I have a quick job that I think would take an experienced coder less 
> than a couple of days to do (but I am a notorious optimist :-)
> I want to be able to take an .ics file and push it into Google calendar. 
> I *don't* need synchronisation, I'm happy with obliteration (ie. the new 
> data can completely overwrite the old).

cp calendar.ics ~username/public_html/

Go to Google Calandar, and select "Add calendar" and then "Add by URL"
Enter: http://your.host.net/~username/calendar.ics

Whenever you update calendar.ics, google calendar should automatically 
pick up the changes after a while. (Unsure what the sync interval is, 
but seems quick enough for me)

Authentication comes in the form of "security by obscurity" 
unfortunately.. Generate a random UUID via uuidgen (or just run: echo 
`ps auxw`|md5sum) and then rename your calendar to it, ie:
mv calendar.ics b0cb8ec0-cdeb-4426-a2de-ebd5bed06ee9.ics
(and use that as the URL for google calendar)

I'm afraid this method doesn't involve Perl though!


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