[Melbourne-pm] (paid) Assistance required for Google calendar hack

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Thu Aug 13 14:32:11 PDT 2009

I have a quick job that I think would take an experienced coder less  
than a couple of days to do (but I am a notorious optimist :-)

I want to be able to take an .ics file and push it into Google  
calendar. I *don't* need synchronisation, I'm happy with obliteration  
(ie. the new data can completely overwrite the old).
There are two ways I can see to do this:
i) Delete old calendar
ii) Upload new .ics file (preferably all at once, otherwise individual  
events - although that may be several hundred!)
(I would think this should be trivial with LWP, but I haven't tried  
LWP'ing Gcal)

i) Keep a DB copy of the calendar (eg. Berkeley DB)
ii) Check the new .ics - if it looks like the same event, change it  
(with its ETag), otherwise delete events that are in the DB and not  
the new .ics file and add events that aren't in the DB and are in the  
new .ics file. This should save some operations if we have to add  
events individually (because events that are already in calendar will  

Some more brilliant suggest you suggest.

This needs to run on both Linux and Windows.

Feel free to (a) discuss on the list if you feel so inclined! and (b)  
send me a proposal for time/costs. Measure of success will be that I  
can run this in a cron script for a day or two and see that the Google  
calendar is correctly reflecting the contents of the .ics file.

(Hopefully obvious from the context here, but I'd like it written in  
Perl as I may want to change it)


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