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Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Thu Sep 18 03:23:39 PDT 2008

Sisyphus wrote:

>>  If you've ever had to try to convince Windows that
>> MYOB data files (.pls) aren't WinAmp playlist files (also .pls) or
>> anything
>> similar; you'd probably appreciate shebang lines more.
> Either that, or appreciate Windows file associations less :-)
> I haven't had to do that, btw. (I don't have any MYOB data files ... I
> don't think I've even got WinAmp.) But it *is* just a matter of changing
> the pls file association, isn't it ? Or are there some deeper "registry"
> ramifications ?

You absolutely can just change the pls file association and that will be fine
for when you double-click on the file and now open the right thing.  But the
problem is, that Windows tries really hard to pretend that the (very important)
file extensions don't exist.  So, what happens is that someone already using
WinAmp installs MYOB, creates some financial records and then later when looking
for those financial records cannot find them!  They look like music files, not
like MYOB files, so people ignore those icons looking for something else.  If
they do recognise the file based on filename, they double click it and get some
whinge from WinAmp and it makes them confused.

After they change the pls file association, they find that all of their play
lists, which they've set up for their enjoyment, now associate as MYOB files so
they can no longer double-click on them to achieve the right effect.  :(

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