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> Sisyphus wrote:
>>> I don't like that shebang line at all.
>> The shebang line is not necessary - feel free to remove it. You don't
>> need a shebang line to run perl programs on any platform that I'm aware 
>> of.
> Ah.  How are you running Perl?
> Sure you can call it indirectly (perl hello.pl)

Yep - that's what I was envisaging. I wasn't recommending it - just pointing 
out that, if you don't like the shebang line, you can remove it. It does put 
an extra burden on the caller (as you pointed out) - but it can be done.

I do actually run my perl scripts that way (ie no shebang line) on my linux 
box at home - and it suits me fine.
Mostly when I run perl on my linux box I'm running 'perl Makefile.PL' to 
check how some module-or-other builds. The shebang line in the Makefile.PL 
(even if it exists) is generally not what I want anyway.

>  If you've ever had to try to convince Windows that
> MYOB data files (.pls) aren't WinAmp playlist files (also .pls) or 
> anything
> similar; you'd probably appreciate shebang lines more.

Either that, or appreciate Windows file associations less :-)

I haven't had to do that, btw. (I don't have any MYOB data files ... I don't 
think I've even got WinAmp.) But it *is* just a matter of changing the pls 
file association, isn't it ? Or are there some deeper "registry" 
ramifications ?


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