[Melbourne-pm] thanks to all

John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
Wed Sep 17 19:12:57 PDT 2008

      Look, I am grateful t0 the pointers that people have given me here.
Maybe it is a matter of teaching to some extent; the perl lesson on VTC is
not that good whereas the Java lessons on VTC are taught by a professional
programmer - Arthur Griffith who has written so many books on how to program
that it's not funny. 

	But that being said, there is to me something awkward about Perl
that I don't like. Put it this way. In the first VTC lessons on Perl the
teacher says "this language may seem alien now but it will work out". My
honest response was "well, this IS alien and I don't see that changing". I
don't like that shebang line at all. That is ugly to me.  

 Maybe it's the browser formatting and I wouldn't like to do that with any

 Objectively Perl is probably a simpler language to learn than Java. But I
am starting to get my mind around the classes of Java, its brackets etc, in
a way that never happened with Perl. 

Perl seems to be a bit of an anarchic language to me - let's break the
rules. But as a beginner I really need rules.



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