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Have you read Perl Best Practices by Damian Conway ? There's 256 'rules'
in there, is that enough for you ?

Have you read Higher Order Perl by Mark Jason Dominus ? That will take
you from simple procedural and OO paradigms to the functional paradigm,
which will probably make you shake your head at Java and want to learn

Don't dismiss perl as having no rules. Of course it has, but you have to
look, many before you have found them and written books or articles or
PerlMonks nodes or usenet posts or ... Its out there, trust me.

Java is often cited as dumbing down programming, by enforcing rules _in_
the language. Perl free's you to do what you want. But there are
definite rules there, not in the language, but in the body of practice.

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>       Look, it wasn't a troll thing. Rather, it is the thing 
> that people have different thinking styles. I need to have 
> rules and stuff so I am not suited to Perl. Java, Python etc 
> are more my go.
>       John
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