[Melbourne-pm] Web auth meth

Mathew Robertson mathew.robertson at netratings.com.au
Wed Sep 10 18:46:42 PDT 2008

>> Thats not strictly true, ie;
>> 1. go to page located behind https url,
>> 2. page contains a username/password form entry fields
>> 3. the onsubmit handler sends XMLHttpRequest with the appropriate 
>> auth-headers set using those form fields
> Nice interesting solution. I will play with that. How well does that 
> work on IE6?
> Mind you I still would not use it, as it supports no safe logout and 
> no ability to timeout or logout from the server end.
AFAICR, we have had an issue - but my care factor for IE6 is pretty low, 
so I may not have noticed.

I dont think the "no logout" is strictly true - I think you could do the 

on the first request it will send the user/pass; if you also send 
through a form token -> the server then initialises a "login time" field 
with the form token.

Subsequent requests you then send the token.  When there is a long delay 
from the last request (ie: you can validate against the token), you can 
send a "not authorized" response.  The browser then will retry 
indefinitely as it will show that ugly popup, but it wont send the token 
-> it would require the user to go back to the login page.  
Alternatively, you could send back an "authorized" response, but 
redirect back to the login page.


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