[Melbourne-pm] HTTP server-like module?

Malcolm Herbert melbourne-pm at mjch.net
Wed Nov 26 16:46:41 PST 2008

I'm looking for a module that will take a file or socket handle, read
the client request and header and turn that into an appropriate object
for me ...

I've already got code handling the socket and forking issues, so I
definately don't need something that implements a whole HTTP server for
me, just the bit that does the request parsing ... most of the HTTP
modules out there seem to be from the point of view of a client which
isn't what I'm after ...

I had a look through the module list, but nothing really seemed to be
appropriate ... has anyone used something like this before?  It doesn't
seem a particularly hard thing to implement, I've just got enough wheels
I've rebuilt recently and would rather not add to my set, if you know
what I mean ...


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