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                       People on this list may be aware of the government's
plans for a mandatory internet filter. As someone who is organizing the
protests against this plan, I am looking for anyone suitably qualified to
speak for about 20 minutes on why the filter will not work. Thus, if the
intrusion is excused, I wonder if there is anyone on this mailing list who
could do so. All that I ask is a description of the technical aspects -
proxies, tunnels etc - and why a filter will not work for those reasons. No
political comment is asked for; other speakers will deal with the politics.
The protest will be nationwide in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and
Hobart on Saturday December 13. In Melbourne it's 12 -4 at the State
Library. For other times and locations please click on the ink below. 


                      Anyone who is interested can reply on this list, reply
to me individually on this list, or go to www.nocleanfeed.com
<http://www.nocleanfeed.com/>  and post. 


                      Of course if you want to spend the 20 minutes talking
about how Perl scripts will get around the filter then you are more than
welcome to!! 


                      Yours sincerely

                      John Thornton       


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