[Melbourne-pm] Just how much does $& slow things down?

Leigh Sharpe lsharpe at pacificwireless.com.au
Thu Nov 20 18:42:56 PST 2008

Hi All,
 Can anybody give me an idea of just how much impact using $& can have
on a program?
I have a function which does something like this:
foreach my $this_line(@an_array)
    next if ($this_line=~m/something which indicates we're not
    if ($this_line =~m/something we are interested in \d*\.*\d*)

        my $foo=$&;
        # Do some stuff with $foo
    elsif ($this_line=~m/something else interesting \d*\.*\d*/)
        my $bar=$&;
        # Do something with $bar
@an_array could be anything up to about 50 elements.
This is the only place in the whole program which uses a regex, so the
impact on other parts of the program should be nil.
I just don't know if it's going to be worth removing those references to
$&, and how much it will benefit the running of the program.
Obviously, the bigger @an_array is, the larger the impact, but I can
safely say it won't be much bigger than about 50.
So, are we talking an order of magnitude slower? More? Less? Anybody
even want to take an educated guess?
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