[Melbourne-pm] How to create data structures with 'default values'

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Mon Nov 17 01:40:34 PST 2008

On Monday 17 November 2008, Alec Clews wrote:
> G'Day Perl Bunnies,
> I have created a hash structure with a set of environment specific keys
> and values.
> * There is a different hash for each of the environments.
> * Many of the values are the same (default) across all the
> environments.
> What is the easy way of setting up the defaults once and then have each
> environment overwrite the default values with specific settings?
> Currently I have a hash of defaults. However it's a pain to define each
> specific value or assign the default value for every single key in every
> single environment.

Can you do something like:

my %total_hash = (%default_hash, %unique_hash);

Note that it won't merge keys - just over-write them.


	Shlomi Fish

> Thanks.
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