[Melbourne-pm] Data::Token documented

Andres Kievsky akievsky at yahoo.com.au
Thu May 29 17:14:22 PDT 2008

> I have had a go documenting the discussion and outcomes:
> http://scott.dd.com.au/wiki/Data-Token
> Some of it I will put into the module directly, but there is too much  
> there for the whole thing.
> It is my first attempt but feel free to feedback any changes, directly  
> or on list.

The documentation is excellent. I wish i had it years ago.

"You can also change the token on each request. This is extreme and has
quite a bit of overhead but useful. Alternatives may also be to change
it over short periods, like 5 minutes."

I wholeheartedly agree with that practice :)

- Andres Kievsky.

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