[Melbourne-pm] Ahhh... so close

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Thu May 22 05:58:18 PDT 2008

Hey Guys

I have been working on getting a new module written with another perl 
programmer for our gliding club. I decided to do it all the way of Perl 
Best Practice. And it worked beautifully. My tests passed everywhere.

My friend works on Windows using Active State and his code installed and 
tested ok too.

But where did it fall down - IO::Prompt !!!

Normally I would just use something like my $in = <STDIN> to get basic 
input, maybe put it in a loop to make sure you get the data you want. 
But I thought no, lets do the PBP and use prompt.

Since it is a recommended PBP and all the other code we have tried has 
compiled and worked beautifully cross-platform - it seems a shame to 
have this one let us down.

So... do you think we could do a little re-write to make it a little 
more friendly for Win32?

Anyone up for it?


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