[Melbourne-pm] Tester fluent in Italian (was Re: I'm new here, don't kill me.)

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Thu Mar 27 17:45:04 PDT 2008

G'day Nathan,

Nathan Bentley wrote:

> I need a tester with scripting experience, today, that speaks fluent
> Italian.

"scripting experience".  Perhaps you could be a little more specific?  Perl
scripting, I presume, but we've had recruitment ads for other scripting
languages on here too.  How much Perl knowledge is required?  Which testing
frameworks, if any?  Is it a permanent full-time position or something else?
When you say "tester" do you mean to suggest that this is not a software
development role so much as quality assurance?

Multi-lingual programmers should be hard to find, in the sense that they have an
extra - often handy - skill.  It would help if you could provide a more
compelling case as to why they should be interested in your job.

> The client is big enough that they will sponsor people for perm
> residency

But you need them today, and residency takes time.  How does that work?

I offer some advice on writing job ads for technical audiences with my jobs page
and guidelines:


In particular the second link there provides links to some great write-ups on
the topic.  This isn't active yet (not enough tuits) but it should give you an
idea of what information the really good programmers, the ones you most want to
recruit, want to see in a job ad.

All the best,


PS:  I'd recommend choosing a more useful subject line in future.  Perhaps
"Recruiting: 1. Perl Developer; 2. Tester fluent in Italian"

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