[Melbourne-pm] I'm new here, don't kill me.

Nathan Bentley nathanb at finite.com.au
Wed Mar 26 17:29:22 PDT 2008

Hi all. I know you probably don't want to see your board filthed up by bottom feeding recruitment consultants and I'm sorry that my first post here could be thought of as spam but if anything you might be able to come up with some clichéd movie quotes to mock me with.


I have two roles to fill for in a dev team on a fairly large, high traffic .com.au site. The first is a fairly typical dev role, good money, immediate start. The other how ever...


I need a tester with scripting experience, today, that speaks fluent Italian. 


The client is big enough that they will sponsor people for perm residency so if you know any people... "good people" can you give us a bell and ask for Nate - www.finite.com.au <http://www.finite.com.au/>  - if I don't get someone for this role the boss has sized up some nice new concrete sneakers for me.



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