[Melbourne-pm] Introducing myself

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Mar 25 22:03:49 PDT 2008

G'day Pat,

Patrick Donelan wrote:

> My name is Patrick Donelan, I'm a 26 year old freelance software 
> developer (melb uni software eng grad) based out of my bedroom in north 

Excellent!  I did CompSci at UniMelb years ago, and still occasionally keep 
in touch with the staff and alumni there.

> I'm rather keen to come along to some Melb PM get-togethers and meet some
> of you, make some friends, hear what people are doing with Perl, bounce
> my own ideas off people and generally geek out on Perl. Is that the sort
> of thing you guys do?

That sounds almost exactly what we do. ;)  Welcome to Melbourne.pm.  I look 
forward to seeing you on our next meeting:

	9th April, 6:30pm
	70 Dorcas St
	Southbank VIC 3006

It's being held at Myf's work, but unfortunately the name of her workplace 
has slipped my mind.

Unless someone is really eager to stop me, I'll try to give a presentation 
on autodie.pm (a new pragma for Perl 5.10.1) and maybe a few other bits and 



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